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Key Mappings

  • F1 = Session View
  • F2 = Arranger
  • F3 = Playground
  • F4 = Library
  • 1-6 = Track buttons: switches active track to that number
    CTRL+1-6 switches from 7-12
  • ARROW KEYS: UP+DOWN: usually allows navigating lists up or down, like in Combinator or Library columns
  • ARROW KEYS: LEFT AND RIGHT: Allows to jump to left or right columns in Library
    Combinator: Switches to the next or previous Preset of the active layer
  • ENTER: selects an entry or confirms selection
  • BACKSPACE: back
  • ESC: often closes open popups or slideups, sometimes goes Back as well
  • A: Global Playback Start
  • S: Global Playpack Stop
  • K: brings up minikeys, press again to close minikeys
  • M: show Main Menu, press again to close