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Synths, Samples and FX

There are two main types of sound sources, that is: Synth and Samples.

Synth engines are plugins that create sounds.

Samples also have 5 slots per Track that can hold 1 sample each.
A sample can be played back in Trig mode or Sliced mode.
Trig means midi triggers it normally, so higher pitched playback is shorter and lower pitched playback is longer.
Slices automatially splits any audio sample into 16 equally long parts, which can be played back by midi notes trigger.

FX plugins usually allow you to shape and modify any sound in various ways.

Both plugins types can have their own Presets, Preset Banks, and Themes.

Synth Sounds

Synth Sounds or short “Sounds” are built either with 1 or up to 5 synth layers, 1 for each slot available. If a sound has more than one layer, it is called a multi-layered sound.

Each layer can have their own chain of FX.

A Soundset is the full set of all sounds for all 10 tracks.

It can have a sound for each track or multi-layer sounds for only a few of the 10 tracks.

If a soundset is loaded/restored, all of its sounds and FX get restored, meaning all tracks are cleaned from their current sounds and replaced by the state of the soundset.