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Top Infobar

The Top Infobar has 3 areas:
On the left is the breadcrumbs, followed by the Action bar and on the right followed by the Infobar.

The breadcrumbs area itself is divided into segments, of which the first segment on the very left is always the “Main Menu” segment, depicted by a “hamburger” icon.
Clicking on it reveals the Main Menu from which you can pick any screen via touch or arrow keys and Select.
The following segments have different functionality, either bringing you directly to anpother screen or revealing a dropdown that allows switching e.g. Tracks while staying in context of the current screen.

The Action Bar has Global Start and Stop Buttons.

The Infobar shows you system information, and also can be clicked to reveal quick access to some settings configurations, like Panic button or Metronome on/off.