An Open-source Music Workstation

Zynthbox is a system for fast and easy music creation and capturing ideas. It is based on a ZynthianOS image, adding a GUI written in Qt/C++ using JUCE/Tracktion, while preserving the underlying Synth and FX engines of Zynthian (look here to find out more about them and the open synth platform).
The workstation concept of Zynthbox is made to be customizable and extendable, allowing to share such resources, like sounds or even full arrangements with other users over a libre platform.
We currently offer a beta version for download (go here), that works on the Raspberry 4 (Model b) with the default headphones output and a 7inch (1024×600) touch screen .

The basic parts, like creating pattern clips via a stepsequencer, multi-layering sounds per channel, capturing and playback of audio should be in a usable state, while the system is still under constant development and refinement, which leads to frequent updates and potential stability issues. Therefore it is not recommended for daily use yet, but for people who are interested to look at its current state and like to help with the development process by reporting issues, discussing features and generally want to make it a better working tool for when it finally gets released. If that sparked your interest, we urge you to go ahead and try it out. 🙂

We love to hear your feedback!