Quick Manual

Here is a short overview for the alpha version:

  • install the img after download via “Balena Etcher” (or other method) on any ssd card with minimum 16Gb size
  • download latest img: https://pub.zynthbox.io/zynthbox_rpi4_buster_2021-12-17_1400.img.xz
  • first time the img is started up, it takes a while as the system expands the available space on the sd card to a maximum
  • you can access any zynthbox that is connecte to the local network via opening any device on the same network, open a browser and type “zynthian.local” as URL (for further instructions on that webconf please check out the zynthian wiki)
  • the password is “raspberry”
  • ssh access would be via “root” as user and “raspberry” as password: “ssh root@zynthian.local”
One can also longpress on the upper left corner in breadcrumbs with the home symbol to reveal the main menu, while a simple click there brings you back to the start screen.
Under Settings you find an entry “Check for software updates” which is currently serving development git updates, so whle usually they make things better, they could also regress and break things.
If you have a usb keyboard attached, here are some keymappings:
  • F1 = Looper
  • F2 = Arranger
  • F3 = Playground
  • F4 = Library
  • 1-6, CTRL 1-6: Track buttons: switches active track to that number
  • ARROW KEYS: usually allow navigating lists, like Presets
  • ENTER: select an entry
  • BACKSPACE: back
  • A: Global Playback Start
  • S: Global Playpack Stop
  • K: brings up minikeys, closes minikeys
  • M: Main Menu open, close

For a more detailed manual, please look here:


This manual is a WIP (Work-in-progress), so there are still many missing points, which will be added as time permits. If you want to help with documenting the base functionality or become involved into the project, please let us know, as an open-source project we always value any help or contributions. Just see the links where you find us on the internet.