Synth Modules – demo

Here is a list of all the CORE Zynth Modules shipped default with Zynthbox 1.0

Z1 Aeolos

Powerful organ emulator builder, allowing to configure the instrument in a very flexible way.

Z2 amsynth

Software synth that provides a classic subtractive synthesizer topology.

Z3 Calf Mono

A versatile organ/pad synthesizer, capable of producing many types of sounds.

Z4 dexed

Dexed is a multi format plugin synth that is closely modeled on the Yamaha DX7.

Z5 Drum Synth

Build and design any synthesized drum sound.

Z6 Fabla

Ideal for loading up your favorite sampled sounds and bashing away on a MIDI controller.

Z7 Fluid Synth

Real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications.

Z8 Helm

Polyphonic synthesizer with a flexible modulation system.

Z9 mda epiano

Based around 12 carefully sampled and mastered Rhodes Piano samples.

Z10 mda jx10

Substractive soft-synth inspired by some Roland machines from the 80s.

Z11 Nekobi

Single-oscillator synth that provides a rich, punchy timbre typical of bass synths.

Z12 Noize Mak3r

Subtractive mono/polyphonic soft-synth with up to 6 voices per sound.

Z13 Obxd

Emulation of the famous Oberheim ob-x, ob-xa and ob8 synths.

Z14 padth v1

Old-school polyphonic additive synthesizer with stereo fx.

Z15 Raffo

A 4-oscillator subtractive software synthesizer emulator of the classic Minimoog, developed as an LV2 plug-in.

Z16 Red Zeppelin

Provides a convenient way to rapidly sequence and mix midi-drums.

Z17 Sfizz

A sample-based musical synthesizer. It features the well-established SFZ instrument format at its core.

Z18 String Machine

A grand collection of analog gems from some of the most esteemed synth pioneers of our time.

Z19 Surge

Subtractive hybrid design. Each patch contain two scenes which are separate instances of the entire synthesis engine.

Z20 Vex

A 3-oscillator wavesample/subtractive synthesizer that provides a variety of waves for initial tones.

Z21 YC20

An accurate copy of the Yamaha YC20 organ, including features and flaws found in such instruments.

Z22 zynaddsubfx

A powerful realtime, multi-timbral software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments.